In addition to diet and regular exercise, non-surgical liposuction can also help shape your body. Veronika Oganezova, naturopath and owner of “Weight loss, Antiage and Natural Health Clinic “Ideal Body ”, says there are a wide range of products and services that not only rid you of those extra pounds, but shape your body at the same time.

She suggests using a variety of techniques – something they do at Ideal Body Clinic. “We combine techniques,” says Veronika.“We use an LPG endermology machine, weight loss, natural health and anti-aging techniques.”
The LPG machine, developed in France more than 25 years ago, is widely used around the world.

“It’s used in hospitals to treat burns and scars but it can also be used to sculpt the body and to treat cellulite,” Veronika says.
The process mechanically reduces cellulite by using massage, rolling and manipulation of the tissues.
Combining techniques is important, says Veronika. ”Everybody is different, so what works for one person might not work for another… If someone wants to lose weight, there are different types of diets available, one of the most effective being the protein diet.”
The process can also be used for the face. “We have a machine that removes the wrinkles. It also changes the condition of your skin.”

However, for someone who needs to lose 10-15 lb.,the LPG machine will not work miracles, she cautions.
“It will sculpt the body and inches will go away,but the weight will stay,” she says, adding, “the person will need to diet for sure.”

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