Why look your age if you can look young and vibrant without any invasive surgery — and without breaking the bank?
Ideal Body, a weight loss, anti-aging and natural health clinic on Monkland Ave., offers a wide range of products and services that rid you of extra pounds, shape your body and clear up those facial wrinkles and spots — all under one roof.

Along with following a proper diet and getting regular exercise, non-surgical liposuction can help shape you. “We offer Naturopathic as well as Aesthetic treatments to complete the attainment of your well-being.
Our team-certified aestheticians, naturopathic and medical doctors use the best technology on the market.
We offer wide range of services for impressive,quick-lasting and sustainable results.”
The LPG machine was developed in France and is widely used around the world in hospitals to treat burns and scars. “But it can also be used to sculpt the body and to treat cellulite,” says Veronika. The process mechanically reduces cellulite by using massage, rolling and manipulation of the tissues.

The infra-red sauna, available at Ideal Body, is great for detoxification when combined with natural remedies like vitamin supplements.

For facial wrinkles and an overall younger appearance, liftmassage, a natural, non-invasive alternative to surgery, rejuvenates and redensifies the skin by stimulating fibroblasts, the cells responsible for collagen production, says Veronika.

In other words, there are many ways to maintain — or regain — a healthy, youthful look, and Ideal Body’s team of certified health care professionals will find the right combination to suit your needs.
Ideal Body is located at 5725 Monkland Ave. Call Veronika at 514-998-0998, or visit

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