Veronika Oganezova, the owner of Ideal Body located on Monkland Ave., Montreal offers clients weight loss and bodily improvements the natural way (Naturopathic medicine). While Veronika Oganezova worked as a manager at Microsoft, there was a six month period where she experienced constant dizziness and fainting spells. It got to the point that she had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance practically every other week. After a three-month wait, she finally got an appointment with a neurologist to find out what was causing her to be so sick. After an examination that lasted barely five minutes, the doctor concluded that it was “imaginary neurological symptoms”.

“When the neurologist submitted his report to my family doctor, he couldn’t believe it,” she said. “Without conducting any tests or a thorough examination, this doctor made a quick conclusion about my condition.”
That was when Ms. Oganezova decided to pursue the alternative medicine route. She decided to take accupuncture and massage as a means of treatment, and her dizziness and fainting spells began to dissipate.
It was the same approach she used after she gained 35 kilos following the birth of her daughter. When conventional medical advice proved ineffective, she decided to take a protein diet and within a month, she lost the excess weight.

With naturopathic medicine a viable alternative for her, Ms.Oganezova decided not only to study it, but also pursue a career in the field and open up a clinic dedicated to weight loss and natural health by naturopathic methods. Ideal Body first opened two years ago on Queen Mary Road and this past week, moved to its new location on Monkland Avenue. Ideal Body offers clients a series of natural treatments for weight loss and bodily improvements, such as basic electrolysis,lipoysis, lift massage and oxygen infusion treatments for body slimming, body firming and body peeling.
They also offer specialized individual programs, nutritional education, detoxification systems and postnatal recovery. Another treatment that Ideal Body offers is lipomassage, a method developed in France 25 years ago that through its state-of-the-art LPG massage device, helps towards cellulite reduction, body sculpting, skin firming,as well as pain relief, varicose vein and scar reduction.

“With lipomassage, it helps people get rid of those problems because it’s not an invasive surgery technique,” said Ms. Oganezova. “It’s a full body treatment that begins with a full evaluation of the patient, and how we will approach each problem, whether it be weight reduction, skin or painrelated. They then put on a Endermowear bodysuit, where we map out on the suit which part of the body we will work on.”
She also adds that the prices Ideal Body offers for its treatments are competitive with medical clinics or spas that offer the same services. Ideal Body, with its staff of fifteen trained personnel, also offers its clients a selection of protein food and dietary products, vitamins and natural remedies, as well as yoga and meditation classes, which Ms.Oganezova believes will help clients ease their everyday stress before they pursue their respective treatments.

Ms. Oganezova believes that the key to Ideal Body’s success is how its personal approach to their clients make the difference to getting the proper treatment that they require, through thorough consultation and evaluation. “The medical system in Canada these days leans toward saving lives, and not towards preventive medicine; that’s what Ideal Body is all about,” she said.

Ideal Body is located at 5725 Monkland Avenue in NDG. Its business hours are 8 :30 a.m. – 9 :30 p.m., Monday to Saturday. For more information, or to arrange a free consultation, call 514-998-0998. You can also consult their website at

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