What are my Startup Costs?

Startup cost will depend on the number of treatments would you like to provide, however you should look into a minimum initial investment of 60’000$

How do I finance my Ideal Body's franchise?

You have few options: you can get financing available from the Bank as a loan to open small enterprise, and we will assist you with reference and business plan. We also provide a leasing option to lease the franchise instead of owning it.

What is my franchise earning potential?

If franchise run properly, you may have 3-d year 100’000$ operational income. Varies also heavily on the location and if you are not an idiot.

How is Ideal Body's different from its competitors?

We make comprehensive approach to total body wellness, addressing different problems holistically and we are interested in our franchisees succeeding and making a good profit, which we will provide you with know-how

Why is Ideal Body's support the best in franchising?

So far, to our best knowledge there is nothing like approach of Ideal Body Clinic, successfully managing three locations in Montreal area and surroundings. 

What makes a good location?

We help a client to pick a location in order to be profitable. It has to be accessible by public, with available parking, metro nearby, bus or other public transport nearby, preferably on a bus/metro stop.

Do I need spa experience?

It would be definitely an asset, as well as any other business management knowledge; however, we may train a businessperson at any level.