There is no shortage of cosmetic shortcuts and weight loss programs available. But to make the changes long-lasting, choosing the right methods are important.
“For people who want to lose weight, we design a personalized diet,” says Veronika Oganezova N.D. the owner of Weight Loss, Anti-Age & Natural Health Clinic “Ideal Body”.
It takes more that eating healthy to lose weight, says Veronika. “First you have to get yourself in shape and then eat healthy.”
The clinic also encourages use of proven weight loss methods, such as the protein diet, the cookie diet and the Health Canada diet.
Veronika recommends adding lipomassage, a mechanical massage process that reduces cellulite, shrinks fat cells and firms the skin by rolling and manipulating the body’s tissues.

For this, the LPG machine, which was developed in France more that 25 years ago, is used. ”It’s used in hospitals to treat burns and scars, but today it is also used to sculpt the body and to treat cellulite.”She also suggests the infra-red sauna that she says is great for detoxification.
These methods are combined with natural remedies like vitamins and herbal supplements.
To get rid of facial wrinkles and treat various skin problems, Veronika suggests a liftmassage in combination with oxygen therapy, a natural noninvasive alternative to surgery that rejuvenates and redensifies facial skin by stimulating fibroblasts, the cells responsible for collagen production.
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