Those who seek weight loss and beauty solutions would obviously rather do so without high costs and invasive surgeries.

Veronika Oganezova, owner of “Ideal Body”, a weight loss, anti-age and natural health clinic, says one alternative is Lipomassage (LPG). “This is a French technology which is an alternative to liposuction.LPG is a medical machine approved by Health Canada which is used for various treatments such as pain relief, scars removal as well as for body sculpting and cellulite reduction,” Veronika says. “In combination with a diet, it gives the same results as liposuction. It is a scientifically proven treatment that comes into play where diet and exercise cannot help”.

“When it comes to losing weight, each person has different needs and reactions,” Veronika says. “What is effective for one person might not work for others, and different methods might be needed for each individual.”In “Ideal Body” – Weight Loss, Anti-Age and Natural Health Clinic we offer Naturopathic as well as Aesthetic treatments to complete the attainment of your well being.
Our team – certified aestheticians, naturopathic and medical doctors.
By using the best technology on the market we offer wide range of services to obtain impressive, quick, lasting and sustainable results.

One of the clinic’s objectives is to regularly search for best anti-aging techniques.

We have various technologies to help our clients to have complete face lift without surgery, to remove unwanted wrinkles, lose weight, remove stored toxins from the body, relieve stress, empower the immune system, improve skin condition and treat cellulite, provide pain relief and more.

By Joel Goldenberg
The Suburban

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