In “Ideal Body” – Weight Loss, Anti-Age and Natural Health Clinic we offer Naturopathic as well as Aesthetic treatments to complete the attainment of your well being.
Our team – certified aestheticians, naturopathic and medical doctors.
By using the best technology on the market we offer wide range of services to obtain impressive, quick, lasting and sustainable results.

“Ideal Body” follows a comprehensive approach to total body wellness.
One of our objectives is to regularly search for best anti-aging techniques.
The most popular combination is Liftmassage along with Oxygen treatment. These are non-invasive methods that have no side effects. The loss of oxygen and collagen in cells is the primary reason for skin aging.
There are three steps of our anti-aging formula: Liftmassage will activate collagen production; then follows application of the mask prepared especially for each client. Finally, the cocktail of herbs will be infused into the skin with the help of the oxygen machine.

Infrared Sauna will help to remove stored toxins from your body, relieves stress, empowers immune system, improves skin condition and treats cellulite, provides pain relief and more. Other detoxification methods are collections of herbs that will act on intestines, liver and kidneys.

Lipomassage (LPG) is used as alternative to Liposuction for body sculpting and cellulite reduction. LPG is a perfect way to get slim and firm without any surgery involved and it is a scientifically proven treatment that comes into play where diet and exercise cannot help.

When it comes to losing weight, each person has different needs and reactions. What is effective for one person might not work for others. Our approach is to combine different proven weight loss methods and protocols to make a weight loss program accustomed to you.

First of all, our certified health care professionals will help to analyze your needs concerning weight loss and do a wellness evaluation to detect any heath issues to make sure that the prescribed protocol would not cause any undesirable side effects.

We will follow the progress and effectiveness of the weight loss protocol by meeting on a weekly basis with the client to track their weight change. The special efforts are made in providing personalized support and follow-up phone assistance to all the clients with questions they might have.

Among many other services you will discover:

  • Permanent hair reduction,
  • Photorejuvenation,
  • Spider veins and broken capillaries treatment,
  • The acne photoclearance,
  • Treatments targeting brown spots,
  • Botox (botulinum toxins) and Restalyne injections,
  • Messotherapy.

In the Ideal Body clinic our team does its best not only on making you beautiful, but also on improving your health. On a final note, we want you to know that you can as well reserve our clinic services as a group and we make sure that your group receives its privacy.

Visit us at 5725 Monkland Ave, Montreal (just 5 minutes walk from Villa-Maria Metro station).

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